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A project in the design phase, construction phase, or final phase of completion can produce challenging issues regarding flood loss prevention and insurance against flood loss.

We have been consulting on projects at or below the flood plain for fourteen years. In that time we have become experts in the field of flood-proofing. We are well versed on the federal flood codes and NFIP standards. Floodbarrier Inc. works with major insurers like FM Global to guarantee our clients get the best protection and insurance rates. We have consulted for most of the top five contracting and development companies in the United States and Europe. We are members of The National Association of Flood Plain Managers and participate in the FEMA project IMPACT.

Our service only begins with outstanding education in our field. We also provide the most diverse line of flood-proofing products and services in the world. Floodbarrier Inc. can answer any question your company has about flood-proofing.


The Rigidam system is a hard panel, removable flood barrier system. The panels are constructed of high strength aluminum components, and are edged by a gasket material that produces a water tight seal. The system is attached to the structure by pre-installed anchors and screws, and does not require a permanent frame attached to the building. The barriers are designed to protect buildings up to a water level of 7-6. Individual panels can be joined together to cover any width horizontally.

Stop Log

Removable Aluminum Flood Barriers
Gasketed Aluminum Stop Log System
Suggested Specifications

Single Flood Door

Floodbreak is a revolutionary flood barrier that automatically rises in times of flooding to protect your property. It can be placed in front of any opening and be designed for any flood water level.

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Providing Flood Barriers and Flood Barrier protection for 14 years.Offering the most diverse selection of floodbarriers in the industry.

Keeping your Business and Community Safe and Dry through sound floodproofing techniques.
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