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Our expert waterproofing design team understands water intrusion and how to prevent it. Our design team understands the language of architects, engineers, and contractors.. We are leaders in providing flood protection the meets applicable building codes.

We have the knowledge, job experience, and reputation to handle any size project, from one to one hundred opening.

We provide the most diverse line of flood-proofing products and services in the world

Since 1992, Over 2000 completed FloodBarrier projects in the U.S. Our expertise allows us to assist in understanding national and local building codes, federal flood codes, and FEMA guidelines. We provide custom FloodBarrier designs, assistance in project planning and U.S. manufacturing.

Core Products

Stop Log

Removable Aluminum Flood Barriers
Gasketed Aluminum Stop Log System
Suggested Specifications

Flex Membrane

Among the easiest, lightest a fastest to deploy, we believe that FloodBarrier’s Flexible Membrane systems are the best in the world.


The Rigidam system is a rigid panel, removable flood barrier system and one of the most utilized flood barriers.

Flood Door

Flood Doors provide convenient, easy to use, permanently deployed flood protection.


Our Expert Waterproofing Design team understands water intrusion and how to stop it.


Our Design team speaks Architect, Engineer, and Contractor.


Flood protection Since 1992 almost 2000 Completed FloodBarrier projects in the U.S.

We are experts on the federal Flood codes, FEMA guidelines, custom FloodBarrier design, planning, and manufacturing

Floodproofing a building starts at FloodBarrier Inc.

We are the leaders in providing code compliant flood protection

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We’ve Been Floodproofing For Over 25 years

We provide flood-prone regions of the world with strong and reliable flood prevention systems.

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