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How many commercial installation has FloodBarrier Completed?

It has been our pleasure to have completed over 1.500 commercial installations.

Who needs a Flood Barrier System?

Companies who require a flood barrier system are building in a flood zone and their municipal building department is enforcing the federal laws on the topic. Over the years the HFIP has been encouraging more municipalities to follow the law. If you are building in a flood zone you absolutely need to check on what your requirements are before drawing up your plans.

Why do I need to have this information before I design the building?

Well, There is a lot of science with waterproofing a building and if the law requires the building waterproofed to four feet, and that isn’t in the initial design, well that’s a lot of redesign from the foundation on up to produce a building that can accept flood barrier panels of any kind.

Can I put flood panels on my single family home?

If you are thinking about building a new home from the ground up and your building department will allow it the sure – but make sure the architect knows the waterproofing specifications from the beginning – because just like a commercial building the design for a waterproof building starts at the very beginning or bottom of the structure.


Do I need a Flood Barrier System?

That depend on several factors. If you are not in a flood zone – then you probably do not need one.

I am an architect am drawing a building that will be in a flood zone and need some guidance – does FloodBarrier provide assistance in this?

Yes, FloodBarrier offers full  floodproofing design consulting.

I am an Architect familiar with flood zone design, I hate having to draw the flood barrier opening, is there any chance you could provide templates of your products?

Yes, of course. Many of clients utilize our templated barriers in their drawings – typically we provide these to them in AutoCad.