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Flexible Flood Membrane Systems

Among the easiest, lightest a fastest to deploy, we believe that FloodBarrier’s Flexible membrane systems are the best in the world. From a single doorway to a multi-lane tunnel entrance, our flexible systems are ridiculously strong, amazingly watertight and very easy to deploy.

About Flex Membrane


The material utilized in our system is a UV Stable lightweight ultra-strong fiber woven to FloodBarrier specifications.


15x stronger than steel

Hydrophobic, so ropes will not absorb moisture or deteriorate in water Naturally buoyant, making it ideal for various marine and offshore uses No corrosion, superior chemical resistance, increased abrasion resistance and excellent flex fatigue, meaning products last longer and maintenance costs are lower.

Mated with ultra strong metal materials with known engineering, this is the best flexible membrane for your needs. When stored properly, the life expectancy of this product is between 15-20 years.

4x stronger than nylon

Installation Types

Depending on the system selected, our flexible membrane systems practically deploy themselves. We offer vertical, side and overhead deployment systems.

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