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Flexible Flood Membrane Systems

Among the easiest, lightest a fastest to deploy, we believe that FloodBarrier’s Flexible membrane systems are the best in the world. From a single doorway to a multi-lane tunnel entrance, our flexible systems are ridiculously strong, amazingly watertight and very easy to deploy.

About Flex Membrane


Design factors for anticipated dynamic loading drive the construction element requirements of the Flexible Curtain Family of products. There are extreme heavy duty, heavy duty and medium duty designs of the structural components of the flexible curtain systems. FloodBarrier utilizes UHMWPE and/or ARAMID, Aluminum and / or Stainless Steel in the structural design elements.
All textile structural material utilized in the system is woven to the specific design requirements of the product.


15x stronger than steel

UHMWPE products are hydrophobic, providing a flood barrier system which does not absorb moisture or deteriorate in water.
Its naturally buoyancy provides engineers an ability to design
using a wider palette of options. UHMWPE products exhibit no corrosion, superior chemical resistance, increased abrasion resistance and excellent flex fatigue. This results in a flood barrier
system that lasts longer with reduced maintenance costs.

Deployment times for individual openings vary according to the size and design of the barrier. FloodBarrier installations have deployment times of a little as 20 minutes. When stored
properly, the life expectancy of this product family is projected between 15-20 years.

4x stronger than nylon

Installation Types

Floodbarrier has side deployed, vertically deployed and overhead deployed Flexible Membrane
System installations.
These flexible curtain products have been fully tested to ANSI 2510 Guidelines.


All products comply with unique project specifications and where applicable:
ASCE 24-05, Flood Resistant Design and Construction; ASCE 7-05 or 7-10, Minimum Design
Loads for Buildings and Other Structures; AA Aluminum Design Manual 2010; ADM-1-00,
Aluminum Design Manual; AA SAS 30 Specifications for Aluminum Structures; AISC Design
Guide 27-15, Structural Stainless Steel; AISC 303-05, Code of Standard Practice for Steel
Buildings and Bridges; AISC 360-05, Specification for structural steel buildings; AWS
Structural Welding Code D1, D1.2, D1.3, D1.6; ASCE 55-16, Tensile Membrane Structures;
FEMA Bulletins 3-93, #102 & #114; National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); 1986 Florida
Building Code 2001 for High Velocity Wind; Building Code of New York State

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